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The River Runs Dry
This report documents a dramatic decrease in prime mortgage lending made between 2006 and 2008 in Rochester, NY, and highlights that low-income communities and neighborhoods of color were hardest hit by the drop-off in lending. Read More

Paying More for the American Dream IV
A report documenting a dramatic decrease in low-cost home loans and highlighting that communities of color were hardest hit by the drop-off in lending. Read More

Mending the Patchwork
A report examining county by county inequities in child care subsidy administration in New York State. Read More

How Fair Is New York’s FAIR Plan?
An Examination of NYPIUA’s Residential FAIR Plan Policies. Read More

Paying More for the American Dream III
Promoting Responsible Lending to Lower-Income Communities and Communities of Color Read More

Curbing the Mortgage Meltdown
The Impact of Foreclosures on New York’s Economy and Communities Read More

Paying More for the American Dream II
The Subprime Shakeout and Its Impact on Lower-Income and Minority Communities Read More

Paying More for the American Dream I
A Multi-State Analysis of Higher Cost Home Purchase Lending Read More

Expanding Access to Justice - New York's Next Challenge
The Equal Justice Commission's report on access to to legal services in New York State. Read More

In Sickness and in Debt
A Review of Medical Debt in Upstate New York Read More

Homeowners Insurance Gap
How race and neighborhood composition explain cost and access disparities in Rochester and Monroe County, New York. Read More

Medicaid Matters
Ten consumer-friendly ideas to improve New York’s Medicaid program and save money for New York taxpayers Read More

Insurance Matters:
Children are our future. The quality of the care they receive in their early years can dramatically affect who they become. Early experiences affect the development of the brain and lay the foundation for intelligence, emotional health and moral development. Low income pre-school children enrolled in enriched pre-school programs show higher educational achievement, higher earnings and lower use of cash welfare assistance. Read More

Child Care in New York State - A Patchwork of Policies
A county by county review of subsidy administration. Read More

Food Stamps in Upstate New York
Views from the Front Line : The Food Stamp Program is the nation's primary tool to combat hunger, providing benefits that are useable only for the purchase of food. The Food Stamp Program is a federal program under the administration of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All states must operate the program in conformity with federal rules. The state agency in New York responsible for implementing the program is the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). In New York, the day-to-day administration of the Food Stamp Program is the task of local social services districts Read More

On the Move?
A County by County Review of Welfare Transportation Policies in New York State Read More

Barriers to Medicaid
Challenges and Opportunities for New York State Read More

What One Hand Giveth, the Other Hand Taketh Away
How New York's Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Recoupment Policy Hurts Low-Income Families. Read More