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Empire Justice Center's recent annual reports, brochures, manuals, reports, and periodicals including the Legal Services Journal and the DAP News, are posted here.  To view an older version of these sections please follow the links in the menu on the left.




Annual Report 2016
August 10, 2017
We are thrilled to release our 2016 Annual Report, demonstrating the substantial progress we've made making the law work for all New Yorkers, not just those that can afford it. Read More



Pro Se Name & Gender Change Guide for Transgender Residents of Greater Monroe County, New York  Empire Justice Center's pro se guide on name and gender marker changes on identity documents. A step by step guide for transgender residents of the Greater Monroe County Area in New York.  Read More
Know Your Rights: A Guide to Fighting Discrimination Against Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming New Yorkers Under the New York State Human Rights Law   Transgender and gender-nonconforming people in New York State are now clearly protected by our Human Rights Law (HRL), thanks to new regulations issued earlier this year. Our NEW GUIDE explains what gender identity-based discrimination might look like, and how to exercise your rights under the HRL.   Read More
NYRL Report: Divergent Paths  Divergent Paths reveals wide variations in the implementation of foreclosure settlement conference rules. The wide variations in implementation have the potential to leave tens of thousands of New Yorkers at heightened risk of losing their homes.  Read More


The Affordable Care Act: Impact on New York State  An overview of the Affordable Care Act's approach to reforming the health care system.  Read More
Tool Kit for Community Health Centers- Helping Patients Access Medicaid  This tool kit provides fact sheets and forms on ten different topics related to helping patients access Medicaid coverage or other help with paying for health care services.  Read More
SSI Extension for Refugee  2008 Extension of Time Period for SSI Eligibility of Humanitarian-based Immigrants  Read More




Policy Matters October 2017 :
Empire Justice Center's latest edition of Policy Matters. Read More

Disability Law News - October 2017 Issue :
The Disability Law News is a quarterly newsletter published for DAP Advocates. In this issue, we discuss the newly amended NYS Public Health Law Sections 17 & 18, and Mental Hygiene Law Section 33.16 that ensures free access to medical records for government benefits applications. Be sure to check out the newest regulations, administrative decisions and court decisions as well. Read More