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Policy Matters May 2015 : The End of Session is Near!!!


It feels like summer here in Albany, even though it's still officially about a month away!!  We hope you enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend, and were able to pause to remember those who gave their lives to serve our country.  Heading into the month of June, we’re faced with the final ten days of session, and are working furiously on our top legislative priorities, along with our administrative priorities as well.  Here are some highlights-

Child Care

The process of mending the patchwork of child care policies in New York continues - and we’re pleased to see the Assembly positively address the issue of reimbursement for providers when a child is absent.

Low income parents need child care subsidies, especially when they work the night shift and need time to rest. For the first time, this bill (A.775-a) has passed the Assembly, and now we’re looking for the Senate to do the same!

Domestic Violence

Even though the problem of nuisance ordinances is national in scope, several states have taken steps to ensure that nobody is forced to choose between their safety and their housing.  The New York State Assembly has passed legislation saying “Yes, we agree!”, and we now look to the State Senate to vote “YES” on S.4955 by the end of session!  

The search is almost over for a temporary Project Leader for our Crime Victims’ Legal Network Project.  Applications are due by June 1, so make sure to spread the word!

Wage Theft

No Pay No Way Logo Not only is wage theft a huge issue for workers and their families, but it also affects law-abiding businesses and municipalities.  Our colleagues in Port Chester, NY are addressing the issue, via their No Pay, No Way Campaign. #NoPayNoWay


When it comes to the immediate need for personal care services, our Health Team firmly believes that proposed regulations should require notice of the availability of temporary personal care services, seamless transition to a Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan, and provision of full due process rights, including the right to aid continuing.

Public Benefits

Our public benefits attorneys are #roadwarriors, traveling the state, conducting Welfare Task Force Meetings.  They are coming to Long Island and White Plains in the next few weeks, so make sure your attorneys and advocates are registered today!

How can the State of New York work to expand access to anti-hunger relief, without further taxing limited state and county resources?  Learn about five steps NY can take now to help.


In providing services to unaccompanied minors from Central America, the Long Island Immigrant Children’s Project honed in on three key areas: legal representation, mental health services, and support and education advocacy.  Many thanks to our Long Island staff for being active part of this effort!

End of Session Dash!

In our next edition, we look forward to giving you a rundown as to how we fared in the last weeks of session.  Until then, make sure to visit our Facebook page and our website to get “real-time” updates as we work tirelessly to the end! 

Talk with you soon!

The Empire Justice Policy Team