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Legislative Updates & Action Alerts

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Child Care Funding, Mired in the Flex Fund, Remains Below 2005 Levels

In describing the human services portion of his 2007-2008 budget, Governor Spitzer announced that “One New York means a state that does not just get a working parent off the welfare roll, but one that helps lift him out of poverty.” Despite this promise, Governor Spitzer’s budget leaves the most important support for most working parents - child care funding - in a precarious position. Read More

Legislative Roundup

This year, Empire Justice developed our most comprehensive legislative agenda to date. The combined expertise of GULP and PILOR allowed us to focus on a broad array of legislative initiatives all aimed at improving the lives of civil legal services clients. With such an extensive agenda, it was a very busy year. Read More

Child Care Policy Updates

With only 11 days left to go in the year 2001, Governor Pataki signed the “Seamless Funding Bill” which both improves accessibility to child care services for low income families and expands child care availability to those attending post-secondary education. Read More


Two years overdue, the state has adjusted its day care market rates by promulgating regulations [18 NYCRR 415.1; 415.9] and issuing a new administrative directive (00 OCFS ADM 1] on an emergency basis. These rates have not been revised for inflation since 1996, when the rates were based on a survey done in 1994! Read More