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Immigrant Rights - Testimony

Empire Justice Testimony at the 2017 Human Services Budget Hearing
Our extensive testimony at this year's joint legislative budget hearing on human services. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony: 2016 NYS Joint Budget Hearing on Public Protection
Empire Justice Center's testimony before the joint legislative committees on the 2016-17 Executive Budget proposal regarding Public Protection. New York State must continue to ensure access to justice, regardless of a person's ability to pay for an attorney. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony at the 2015 Public Protection Joint Legislative Budget Hearing
Our testimony on expanded funding for the Office of New Americans, the proposed Judiciary budget and distribution of the Legal Services Assistance Fund. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony on New York’s Role in Addressing the Influx of Migrant Youth from Central American Countries
The children that are entering the U.S. through the southwestern border are an incredibly vulnerable population who require a holistic approach in addressing their needs. We believe that if we are to meet the needs of the young people escaping violence and abuse in their home country, New York must look at what kinds of legal, residential and health services are currently available and assess how they might be made more accessible. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony: The New York Health Benefit Exchange: The Impact on Immigrants and their Families
The intersection between immigration status and noncitizen eligibility for public benefits, including medical assistance, has been a major focus of Empire Justice Center’s work ever since the enactment of the 1996 federal welfare reform legislation, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), a law which established a complicated system for controlling noncitizens access to federal and state funded benefits. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony Regarding New York’s State’s Draft Child Care Development Fund Plan for FFY 2014-2015
Our testimony on New York's draft CCDF PLan for 2014 - 2015, including comments on access to quality child care, the effects of lead poisoning on minority communities, immigrant access to quality child care and access to language services at local district offices. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony on New York State’s Draft Child Care Development Fund Plan for FFY 2012-2013
Access to subsidies gives children in low income families the opportunity to engage in an early learning experience that their families could not ordinarily afford. Much of this testimony focuses on areas where we believe OCFS can expand access to child care subsidies to two underserved populations: children in immigrant families and children with special needs. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony on Human Services in the 2011-12 Executive Budget Proposal
As New York continues to grapple with the aftermath of the recession, it is essential that we do not forget that there are many among us that are still in its epicenter. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony at the Executive Budget Hearing on Human Services
Testimony before the Joint Legislative Committees on human services in the 2010-2011 executive budget. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony on New York State's TANF Plan: 2009 - 2011
This testimony will focuses on areas that Empire Justice urges OTDA and, if necessary, the legislature and the governor, to adopt an array of changes. These areas are the public assistance gross income eligibility test, the resource test as applied to automobiles, the implementation of the Family Violence Option and the education and training rules. Read More

Empire Justice Center Human Services Testimony 2007
Testimony regarding human services in the 2007-2008 executive budget. Read More