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Domestic Violence - Policy Letters

Empire Justice Letter of Support for Name Change Legislation
A.2242 (Bronson)/S.5240 (Savino) not only is in line with existing policy, but enhances and clarifies the law for name change applicants who need the benefit of the law’s critical safety protections. Read More

Joint Letter of Support: Pass Legislation to Protect Crime and Domestic Violence Victims!
In New York State, and nationwide, no victim of domestic violence or other person threatened with a crime should be afraid to access police or emergency assistance because doing so may jeopardize their housing. Read More

Empire Justice Urges Governor Cuomo to Sign Bill Providing Critical Economic Protections to DV Victims
Despite many domestic violence victims’ needs for immediate safety and freedom from physical violence, long-term safety and security often cannot be achieved without similar relief from economic and financial abuse. A.7400/S.5821 seeks to fill this gap by providing victims of intimate partner violence with relief from some forms of economic abuse. Read More

Empire Justice Letter to the Governor: Sign Critical Protections for Domestic Violence Victims into Law
Holding someone other than the enjoined party liable for violation of the order of protection not only offends the most fundamental due process guarantees of notice and the opportunity to be heard, but also state law prohibitions against the issuance of mutual orders of protection absent proper jurisdiction. If a court does not have the legal authority to actually issue an order of protection against someone, there is no legal authority upon which to hold that same person in contempt for its violation. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony on Economic Abuse as a Form of Domestic Abuse
Our testimony on critical issues impacting victims of domestic violence and their families. Read More

UPDATE: Governor Signs Probation Transfer Fix
Thank you to Governor Cuomo for increasing the safety and security of victims of domestic violence by signing several new bills into law. This bill strikes a reasonable balance between the administration of probation, judicial discretion, and the rights and needs of domestic violence victims and parents. Read More

Empire Justice Urges Governor Cuomo to Sign Critical Domestic Violence Legislation
Update the Social Services Law to include protection for victims in "intimate relationships." Read More

Empire Justice Center Letter in Support of Bill to Protect Confidentiality
This important bill allows home based family child care providers to opt out of the requirement that their names and addresses be posted on the website of the Office of Children and Family Services. Read More

Empire Justice Urges Governor to Sign Bill to Improve Access to Child Care Assistance
This bill encourages applicants for and recipients of child care subsidies to obtain orders of child support, but makes clear that such applicants and recipients may not be required to obtain such orders as a condition of receiving a subsidy. Read More

Empire Justice Center Letter of Support for Bill to Protect DV Victims' Confidentiality
A.3468/ S.4334c would automatically require a court to temporarily order the sealing and safeguarding of a name change applicant’s identifying information, pleadings and other court records after a case is commenced under Civil Rights Law §64-a. Read More

Empire Justice Letter of Support - Require the Supreme Court to Assign Counsel
A 2006 letter to the Governor addressing legislation that would require the Supreme Court to assign counsel to indigent litigants when the proceeding is one over which the Family Court also has jurisdiction and there was a right to counsel, such as custody and family offense matters. (A.10447/S.8096) Read More