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Community Development - Policy Letters

Empire Justice urges Governor to sign OCA "Shadow Docket" bill as soon as possible
The legislation helps homeowners, communities (many of the properties stuck in the shadow docket are believed to be vacant), New York’s court system and will hasten New York’s protracted foreclosure process. The Governor needs to sign it into law to prevent any more cases from ending up in "legal limbo." Read More

NYRL Letter to Governor to Sign Shadow Docket
New Yorkers for Responsible Lending (“NYRL”) respectfully encourages you to sign S.4530-A/A.5582-A without delay. The legislation is a simple fix to a problem in New York’s foreclosure process, and is urgently needed to save New Yorkers’ homes from foreclosure. By signing the bill into law, you will close a legal loophole and put an end to New York’s “shadow docket,” in which tens of thousands of foreclosure cases sit inactive – leaving New Yorkers in legal limbo for months and even years. With an estimated 92 foreclosure cases entering New York’s shadow docket each day, time is of the essence. Read More

Empire Justice Center and Other Consumer Organizations Urge CFPB to Expand HMDA
Empire Justice is one of 14 organizations urging CFPB to act quickly to commence its HMDA rulemaking and work with HUD to create and make public the sorely-needed national mortgage default and foreclosure database. Read More

New York Organizations Oppose Capital One's Acquisition of HSBC's Credit Card Business
Six New York legal services and consumer advocacy organizations, including Empire Justice Center, tell the OCC to deny Capital One's application to acquire HSBC's credit card and private label credit business. Read More

NYRL Members Urge Federal Office to Implement Insurance Data Disclosure Regulation
NYRL members urge the new Federal Insurance Office to use its authority under Dodd-Frank to implement a national homeowners insurance data disclosure regulation to hold insurers accountable and help ensure that all communities have access to fair and affordable insurance products. Read More

Empire Justice Center and Other Civil Rights Organizations Urge GSE Reform That Protects Access to Affordable Loans and Housing
Sixteen civil rights organizations sign letter to House Financial Services Committee urging members to abandon piece meal approach to GSE reform. Read More

Empire Justice Center Letter to FTC on Mortgage Acts and Practices Rulemaking
Comments regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rulemaking proceeding with respect to mortgage loans. Read More