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Child Care - Legislative Memos

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Memo of Support: Create More Subsidies for Low Income Working Families
This analysis from Empire Justice Center, The Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, the Center for Children's Initiatives and The Legal Aid Society shows how every freed up child care slot for infants of public assistance recipients creates three slots for working families. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: New York State Must Establish a Child Care Task Force
Empire Justice Center supports the creation of a child care availability task force, with the understanding that a task force is just one part of the solution to the child care crisis. New York State needs to develop a comprehensive statewide strategy for significantly expanding access to quality, affordable child care for all children and families. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: Child Care Subsidies for Parents who Work the Night Shift
Parents who work nights often need child care so they can sleep during the day if their children are young and not in school. This bill would require all districts to authorize up to 8 hours of care when such care is necessary for a working parent with a small child to sleep. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: Require Districts to Maintain Child Care Waiting Lists
This bill would require local social services districts to maintain waiting lists of all families who are eligible for child care assistance, and to provide an annual report to the Office of Children and Family Services. Read More

Empire Justice Memo: Require OCFS to Assess New York State's Child Care System
A.1083/S.1422 would require OCFS to evaluate and make recommendations on the availability of child care in New York State. Read More

Cost Analysis: Targeting Child Care Dollars to Low Wage Working Parents
Insufficient funding for child care subsidies for the working poor undermines their ability to stay in the work force and off of welfare. This proposal to amend the social services law will free up the subsidized child care funding necessary to help maintain and expand slots for working families. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: Amend the Worker’s Compensation Law to Provide 12 Weeks of Paid Family Leave
This bill would amend the Worker’s Compensation law to provide 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave Insurance (PFLI) for workers to bond with a new child or care for a seriously ill family member. Read More

Believe in Children Campaign
Providing equal opportunity for all New York’s children requires ensuring that they have access to a continuum of high-quality services that support their learning and development and meet the needs of diverse families. Read More

UPDATED Empire Justice Memo of Support: Disregard a Teen’s Earnings When Determining Child Care Eligibility
UPDATED: This bill would add a new subdivision to Social Services Law 410-w which would require that the earned income of a child under the age of 21 be disregarded when determining the eligibility of a household for a child care subsidy. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: ACT NOW to Give Families and Child Care Providers Time to Plan for a Change in their Child Care Subsidy
This bill has been amended to provide 60 days notice - Empire Justice has updated their memo in support to reflect our support for the amendments. Read More

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