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Civil Legal Services - Policy Related Articles

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2016 New York State Budget Wrap

All of the funding outcomes for Empire Justice Center's funding priorities for the 2016 New York State budget season. Read More

2016 NYS Budget Wrap: Civil Legal Services

Funding outcomes for Civil Legal Services in the 2016 New York State budget season. Read More

Empire Justice Center 2016 State Policy Priorities

Shelter, heat, food, economic stability. Health and home care, fair wages, freedom from discrimination. Empire Justice Center's 2016 Policy Priorities are meant to highlight several of the most important ways New York State can recommit to providing a strong foundation on which all New York families have the opportunity to build toward the American Dream, right here in our state. Read More

Empire Justice Center 2015 State Policy Priorities

All New Yorkers, particularly the most vulnerable, should have an equal opportunity to pursue justice and the road to prosperity. For too many of us, this is not an option. To work toward achieving these goals, New York must make investments and statutory changes in 2015. Read More

New York State Coalition for More Family Court Judges

Coalition Releases Video Documenting Inadequate Family Court Resources Close the Doors to Justice for Children and Families Read More

Empire Justice Center 2014 State Policy Priorities

Empire Justice Center 2014 State Policy Priorities Read More

Civil Legal Services Funding State Budget Outcomes

Legislative funding for civil legal services and domestic violence legal services was maintained and OCA funding included as requested in enacted state budget. Read More

Legislative Update: 2012 Budget Outcomes

As the New York State budget process draws to a close, Empire Justice Center is pleased to share with you several exciting achievements that will have a positive impact on low income New Yorkers. Read More

State Budget Results: Funding for Legal Services - Cuts, Restorations and Hope for the Future

The legal services community has suffered significant losses over the past few years as state legislative funding has dropped from approximately $13 million in 2009, to $6 million in 2010 to less than $3.5 million in this year’s budget. Read More


Civil legal services providers are a critical and unique component of the social safety net that our society has put in place to ensure that those who fall on hard times have access to the basics. Read More