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2015 Policy Wrap Up: Domestic Violence

July 22, 2015

Author: Amy Schwartz-Wallace

Below are selected domestic violence-specific or related bills which successfully navigated both houses of the legislature this session.  We will continue to provide periodic updates about the bill statuses.

A.6354b (Peoples-Stokes)/S.0005 (Robach)

  • Prohibits discrimination in housing based upon domestic violence status and establishes a task force to study the impact of source of income on access to housing. 
  • Adds Real Prop Law §227-d and adds RPAPL §744
  • Link to bill language

A.4347 (Davila)/S.4288 (Hoylman)

  • Provides that translations and notifications on the Domestic Incident Report regarding family offense interventions be in other than the English language and related policies.  
  • Amends Executive Law §§214-b, 840 & 837; CPL §140.10.
  • Link to bill language

A.6262 (Joyner)/S.0006 (Young)

  • Establishes a pilot program for the filing of petitions for temporary orders of protection by electronic means and for issuance of such orders ex parte by audio-visual means. 
  • Amends Family Court Act §153-c;  Jud Law §212;  Exec Law §648
  • Link to bill language

A.2242 (Bronson)/S.5240 (Savino)

  • Enhances grounds for a publication waiver for a judicial name change. 
  • Amends Civil Rights Law §64-a
  • Link to bill language

A.5007a (Perry)/S.1744a (Carlucci)

  • Requires the Commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services in consultation with the Director of the Office of Victim Services to prepare and distribute the notification form for victims of violent felony offenses allowing them to demand to be informed regarding a name change petition by the defendant. 
  • Amends CPL §380.50
  • Link to bill language

A.7465 (Gottfried)/S.5678 (Hannon)

  • Relates to the duration and amount of maintenance and of spousal support; establishes new formulas for the amount of maintenance and spousal support and factors the court can use to deviate from that amount.
  • Amends DRL §§236 & 248; Family Court Act §412
  • Link to bill language

A.7637 (Seawright)/S.5691 (Bonacic)

  • Relates to spousal maintenance and child support in Supreme and Family court. 
  • Amends Family Court Act §413; DRL §240
  • Link to bill language

A.0506 (Paulin)/S.0007 (Lanza)

  • Enacts the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act. 
  • Very comprehensive bill that amends:
    • Penal Law generally;
    • CPL §§700.05, 380.50 & 440.10;
    • Social Services Law §§483-bb & 483-cc;
    • CPLR §212;
    • Section 14, Chap 74 of Laws of 2007;
    • Mental Hyg Law §10.03;
    • Cor Law §§168-a & 168-d;
    • V & T Law §§509-cc, add a new 510-d;
    • Pub Health Law §2324-a;
    • RPAPL §715;
    • Real Prop Law §231;
    • Exec Law §§840 and adds a new 214-d
  • Link to bill language

A.7721 (Peoples-Stokes)/S.5130 (Martins)

  • Requires certain not-for-profit employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence. 
  • Amends Labor Law 27-b.
  • Link to bill language


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