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Ban the Box in Rochester: Give Everyone a Fair Opportunity to Compete for Jobs

May 20, 2014


One out of every four adults has an arrest or criminal record.  Approximately 70% of employers currently ask in their job application whether an applicant has been convicted of a crime.  If an applicant replies “yes,” regardless of their skills and qualifications, in most cases they will never be considered.  Such discrimination not only decreases economic opportunity and public safety, but also violates New York State law and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) fair hiring recommendations.

Help the City of Rochester pass “The Opportunity to Compete Ordinance” to allow people with a conviction history to compete fairly for employment without compromising safety and security on the job.  This ordinance will increase fair hiring practices, reduce crime and recidivism, and allow all members of our community to meaningfully contribute to our local economy and achieve financial independence for themselves and their families.”

Be there tonight (5/20) at 6:30pm to Speak to the Rochester City Council as they finally vote on the Ban the Box measure!  Read the press release here.

Ban the Box Flyer


Testimony given by Empire Justice Center to the Rochester City Council

Proposed Opportunity to Compete Ordinance

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