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Empire Justice Press Release: New Yorkers Driven into Poverty by Shortsighted Policy

Today, Empire Justice Center released “Driven into Poverty: How New York’s Asset Tests Keep People Poor,” a report documenting the problems with various “asset tests” imposed by New York State on public assistance applicants. Read More

Under local laws, 911 calls turn domestic abuse victims into ‘nuisances’ (Al Jazeera America)

Nuisance ordinances, designed to curb illegal activity in rental properties, punish survivors of violence, critics say Read More

Immigrants to Mangano, county agencies: Speak our languages (Newsday)

Members of the language-advocacy coalition pressed the administration to deliver on executive orders 67 and 72 from 2013, in which Mangano required departments to translate vital documents into six languages other than English and provide "competent interpretation services." Read More

Empire Justice Center & Legal Services of Central New York Applaud Oneida County Department of Social Services for Successful Completion of Court-Mandated Monitoring

Empire Justice Center and Legal Services of Central New York are pleased to announce the conclusion of a three year period of supervised monitoring involving the Oneida County Department of Social Services (“OCDSS”), which was ordered as part of a settlement agreement in the case of Howard v. Soldato, a class action filed in December of 2010 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. Read More

Homeowners fight to end mortgage liens for those receiving public assistance (TWC News)

As some New Yorkers face tough financial times and seek public assistance, social service districts have sought to recover funds paid to homeowners by taking a mortgage lien against their property. Read More

Empire Justice Center's new report on public assistance mortgages (TWC News)

Empire Justice Center's new report on public assistance mortgages Read More

New Report Documents the Costs of Public Assistance Liens on Low-Income New Yorkers and the Critical Need for Repeal or Reform

Today, Empire Justice Center published a report describing and quantifying the hidden costs of public assistance for recipients who own homes. The report, “Don’t Lien on Me: How New York’s Public Assistance Mortgages Undermine Homeownership and Financial Stability,” provides an comprehensive analysis of New York’s use of Social Services Law §106, which allows Social Services Districts to recover public assistance paid to individuals who own their own homes, by taking a mortgage against the recipient’s property. Read More

Advocates question ‘welfare liens’ (Time Union)

A group of advocates for the poor are looking to overhaul the little-known system of ”welfare liens” that still exist in New York, which they say is one of just two states (Connecticut being the other) that still has such a policy. Read More

What Separates Welfare from Work (Asian American Writers' Workshop)

Amid a national conversation about preschool and poverty, low-income New Yorkers are fighting for dignified welfare-to-work and child care. But will they succeed? Read More

A Matter of Life & Death: Advocates in New York Respond to Medical Repatriation (Harvard Civil Rights- Civil Liberties Law Review)

This article is about the response of one group of advocates to the practice of medical repatriation, also referred to as medical deportation, in which hospitals choose to send non-citizen patients, usually those in need of long-term care, back to their home countries for treatment without engaging the federal immigration process. Read More