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Food Stamps: Policy Advocacy

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Empire Justice Center Comments on SNAP Income Conversion Factors
Current income conversion standards permit states to select the most efficient methodology to help simplify procedures for state eligibility workers and limit barriers to participation for families in need. A shift in this will increase state agency costs, and county workload in our county administered benefits system. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on Updated SNAP Eligibility
Empire Justice Center is grateful for the addition of Perkins educational programs to the allowable SNAP employment and training offerings. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on SNAP Employment and Training Program
Empire Justice Center comments addressing the lack of measurements for mandated participation and sanctions in SNAP interim rules. Read More

Empire Justice Budget Memo: Improving Access to SNAP
How can New York obtain broader anti-hunger relief without tapping out limited state and county dollars? It's simple. New York can take advantage of options available to it to further streamline and expand access to SNAP, which is 100% federally funded. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony at the 2015 Human Services Joint Legislative Budget Hearing
Empire Justice testimony at the 2015 Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Human Services. Testimony was presented on February 4, 2015, by Tamara Frazier, Coordinator for Policy and Government Relations. Read More

Comments on Proposed Regulation Amendments for Non-compliance with SNAP Work Requirements and Conciliation Processes
The proposed regulations will help bring New York State into compliance with federal SNAP requirements and the settlement agreement reached in Richard C. v. Proud (12-CV-5942, S.D.N.Y.), a federal class action lawsuit co-counseled by Empire Justice Center, National Center for Law and Economic Justice, Legal Aid Society and Cooley LLP. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on the Request for Information on SNAP High Performance Bonuses
Here in New York, there are ongoing, rampant due process violations in the fraud investigations/disqualification process. Many counties are extremely aggressive in pursuing fraud, yet it appears that the fraud and/or SNAP staff do not seem to understand SNAP eligibility rules. Read More

Empire Justice Comments to OTDA on Needs Assessment for 2014-2015 state Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) plan
Our comments to OTDA on the HEAP 2014-15 Needs Assessment. Read More

Empire Justice Memo on EBT Restriction: Support the Governor’s Article VII Proposal with Added Client Protections
Governor Cuomo’s 2014-15 Executive Budget proposal includes legislation that would impose new limitations on the use of the cash assistance Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. This is intended to comply with recently enacted federal requirements. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: Ensure that Welfare Recipients are Not Punished for Being Disabled
Far too often, public assistance clients are sanctioned for non-compliance with work-related activities, yet the non-compliance is due to a unknown disability, child care problem or transportation difficulties. Empire Justice Center supports A.2669/S.4830, which will protect against unwarranted sanctions due to a disability. Read More

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