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Cash Assistance: Trainings & Events

Collateral Consequences of Attorney Fee Awards, Cash Settlements or Damages

This session identifies the potential impact of damage awards, cash settlements and attorney fee awards on tax liability, means tested benefits, and vulnerability to creditors. It provides an example of an award in a Fair Labor Standards Act case involving a public assistance recipient who has participated in workfare, and covers the use of Supplemental Needs Trusts to protect cash settlements and awards Read More

Representing Clients with Disabilities in the Welfare Context: How to Use the Law to Help Clients with Disabilities Access Public Benefits

This session first offers tips for recognizing and working with clients with disabilities. Then, it will also provide an overview of the legal framework for disability advocacy in the welfare context. Finally, it examines selected welfare issues and how they impact clients with disabilities. This will include, for example, reasonable accommodations, the application process, the work requirements and the rules relating to drug and alcohol use. This session examines both administrative advocacy and litigation. Read More

Public Assistance Issues for Teens and Young Adults / Housing Advocacy to Prevent Children from Languishing in Foster Care

This presentation will address some of the benefits and assistance available to teenagers, young adults and young families, approximately ages 16-22. Benefit areas covered will include cash assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid and housing resources for teens and young adults who are living on their own or aging out of foster care. Read More

Emergency Assistance 101

This course provides an overview of the emergency assistance programs in New York State: Emergency Assistance to Families, Emergency Safety Net Assistance, and Emergency Assistance to Adults. The training reviews the situations that constitute an emergency, and the financial and categorical eligibility requirements for receipt of emergency assistance, and pays special attention to shelter and utility emergencies. Read More

Welfare Work Rules 101

Welfare applicants and recipients face a daunting array of work requirements, and risk serious penalties for the slightest infraction or alleged failure to comply. But they also have a range of legal rights of which they are too often unaware, so these rights are inadequately protected. It is therefore critical for applicants, recipients, providers and advocates to know the rules and how to assert these rights. This introductory training provides an overview of the statutes, regulations, and policies governing the implementation of the welfare work rules in New York State. Read More

Immigration Status & Public Benefits Eligibility

This is a training on immigration status as an eligibility requirement in various federal and state public benefits programs. The main focus of the session will be on the immigrant eligibility rules in means tested benefit programs, specifically the Family and Safety Net Assistance Programs, the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI), Food Stamps and Medicaid. In addition to the program rules, we will cover the immigrant documentation requirements of the benefits agencies and some special issues that arise in the context of immigrant use of benefits programs, including public charge, sponsor liability and reporting. Read More

Public Assistance 101

This training, which is geared for those new to welfare work, will provide an overview of the different cash public assistance programs (Family Assistance, Safety Net Assistance, special grants and Emergency Assistance) and the basic eligibility rules of each program. Read More

Work Rules 101

This training will begin with an overview of public assistance programs in New York and discuss how advocates can use local employment and child care plans to assist their clients. Read More