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Wage Theft

Empire Justice protects employees who are victims of wage theft. Millions of low-wage and immigrant workers are paid less than the minimum wage, denied overtime pay, forced to work off the clock, subject to illegal deductions, misclassified as independent contractors, or not paid at all. Empire Justice fights to enforce workers’ rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, New York Labor Law, and the Wage Theft Payment Act.


Session Wrap 2017: SWEAT- More to be done for Wage Justice
Empire Justice Center and the SWEAT Coalition, consisting of over 70 groups representing workers, businesses, unions, anti-poverty groups and faith-based groups, worked hard to advocate for the SWEAT Bill - legislation designed to fight against New York’s wage theft epidemic and wage collection crisis, and to close loopholes in our state’s labor laws. Read More

Still Work to be Done: Changes to New York State’s Labor Law are a Starting Point for Meaningful Change
Bills signed by Governor Cuomo in late 2014 and early 2015 could strengthen protections for workers in New York, but without real enforcement requirements, leave low wage workers to tow the line themselves. Read More

New York's Wage Collection Crisis: New Report Details how Employers Avoid Paying Wage Theft Judgements
A new report from the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center, the Employment Law Unit at The Legal Aid Society, and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice reveals that unscrupulous employers were able to evade labor laws even after courts ordered them to pay $25 million in stolen wages to workers. Read More


Renewed Push to Prevent Wage Theft
Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced the SWEAT bill (SWEAT standing for Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) which would make it easier for employees to hold their employers responsible. Read More

With minimum wage passed, advocates look to wage theft issue
The idea is to counter maneuvers by unscrupulous employers who run their businesses under LLCs or limited liability corporations and sell or close them down when they run into regulatory problems. Read More


Empire Justice Memo of Support: Give Workers the Necessary Tools to Fight Against Wage Theft and Collect Stolen Wages
Wage theft is rampant in New York, as exploitative employers too often hide or transfer their assets to avoid paying wages they have stolen from their employees. Even when workers win a court-awarded judgment, they are unlikely to collect the money owed to them. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of Support: Raise New York’s Minimum Wage!
A raise in New York’s minimum wage will help over one million New York workers pay for their basic needs. Read More


Wage Justice Project for Low-Wage & Immigrant Workers Brochure
Learn about the Wage Justice Project for low wage and immigrant workers. Learn your workplace rights and how to protect them. Contact us for free legal help.Labor Standards Act, New York Labor Law, and the Wage Theft Payment Act. Read More