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Employment decisions cannot be based upon an individual’s race, nationality, gender, disability, or military status. At Empire Justice, we protect such employment rights, and fight unjust employment practices under such statutes as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   


Session Wrap 2017: SWEAT- More to be done for Wage Justice
Empire Justice Center and the SWEAT Coalition, consisting of over 70 groups representing workers, businesses, unions, anti-poverty groups and faith-based groups, worked hard to advocate for the SWEAT Bill - legislation designed to fight against New York’s wage theft epidemic and wage collection crisis, and to close loopholes in our state’s labor laws. Read More

Empire Justice Center 2017 State Legislative Priorities
As New Yorkers, we unite around the concepts of liberty, equality and opportunity. In 2017, Empire Justice Center’s top priorities will be focused on identifying and fostering ways to strengthen New York’s laws, our communities, and each other, to protect justice for ALL New Yorkers. Read More


Empire Justice Center Statement on Governor Cuomo's Hate and Human Rights Laws Expansion
The horrifying events that transpired in Charlottesville this past weekend showed us all that we have a long road ahead of us to reach a place where hate has no home in our hearts. We all have a responsibility to stand for what it right. Read More

Empire Justice Press Release: 2017 Legislative Session
Empire Justice Center achieved one notable win that will have a huge impact on disabled New Yorker’s access to disability benefits, but were keenly disappointed by being unable to get legislation that would allow victims of wage theft to get paid what they are owed, and a bill that would have ensured that crime and domestic violence victims’ right to call 911 is not impeded in communities where there are local nuisance ordinances, passed in the Senate. We came so close. It’s a shame New Yorkers will be without these critical protections until 2018. Read More


Empire Justice Memo of Support: Give Workers the Necessary Tools to Fight Against Wage Theft and Collect Stolen Wages
Wage theft is rampant in New York, as exploitative employers too often hide or transfer their assets to avoid paying wages they have stolen from their employees. Even when workers win a court-awarded judgment, they are unlikely to collect the money owed to them. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony: 2016 NYS Joint Budget Hearing on Public Protection
Empire Justice Center's testimony before the joint legislative committees on the 2016-17 Executive Budget proposal regarding Public Protection. New York State must continue to ensure access to justice, regardless of a person's ability to pay for an attorney. Read More



Policy Matters October 2017
Empire Justice Center's latest edition of Policy Matters. Read More



Know Your Rights: A Guide to Fighting Discrimination Against Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming New Yorkers Under the New York State Human Rights Law
Transgender and gender-nonconforming people in New York State are now clearly protected by our Human Rights Law (HRL), thanks to new regulations issued earlier this year. Our NEW GUIDE explains what gender identity-based discrimination might look like, and how to exercise your rights under the HRL. Read More





Unemployment Insurance Benefits 101
Across New York advocates report a rise in the number of people seeking representation at UIB hearings. This introductory program will cover the basics: benefit eligibility requirements; sources of law; issues that could affect benefits including misconduct, misrepresentation and voluntary termination; preparing your case and your client, and conducting the hearing. Read More