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State & Federal Fire Arms


2007 Domestic Violence Legislative Update
Summaries of the domestic violence-related laws passed in 2007 in New York Read More

Federal Domestic Violence Crimes
This article has been updated in light of the recent amendments to the following crimes that were contained in the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act of 2000 of which VAWA II was a part of. Read More

Memorandum of Law
on the Interplay of the Federal and State Domestic Violence Firearm Laws
As is often the case, when two different sets of laws apply to the same forum, confusion can result. Due to different definitions of firearms as well as different guidelines for when firearms should be taken away, the state and federal laws differ. This memorandum summarizes the state and federal laws, clarifies the differences between the state and federal laws, and argues that due to these differences, the state and federal laws can be contradictory and may generate confusion for advocates. As such, it is critical to be aware of these differences in order to effectively advocate for one's client. Read More

Courts Continue to Sustain the Constitutionality of Federal Laws Addressing Domestice Violence
This article focuses on the constitutional challenges lodged against federal firearm laws. Read More

State & Federal Fire Arms: Articles


Empire Justice Testimony at the NYS Senate Democratic Conference Domestic Violence Forum
Our comments on anti-discrimination protections in housing and public accommodations for victims of domestic violence and legislation aimed at disarming domestic violence perpetrators. Read More