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Family Offense & Order of Protection: Articles

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2015 Policy Wrap Up: Domestic Violence

Selected domestic violence-specific or related bills which successfully navigated both houses of the legislature this session. Read More

2011 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

Current through September 28, 2011. Described herein are new domestic violence specific laws, as well as the bills which successfully navigated both houses of the state legislature and are awaiting further action. Read More

New York Laws Involving the Confidentiality of Domestic Violence Victim-Related Information

An update on laws protecting domestic violence victims in New York. Read More

2011 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

Described below are the new domestic violence-specific laws, as well as the bills which successfully navigated both houses of the Legislature and are awaiting further action. This update is current through July 20, 2011. The Empire Justice website posts legislative updates throughout the summer as needed. Read More

2010 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

The following is a summary of this session’s domestic violence related bills that passed both houses of the New York State Legislature or were recently signed into law by Governor Paterson. Read More

"Fair Access" to Civil Orders of Protection

To victims of intimate partner violence, civil orders of protection represent one of the most sought after and useful legal remedies available to help provide protection from abuse. Read More

2009 Domestic Violence Law Legislative Update

Despite the well-publicized legislative challenges of last summer, a great many bills addressing domestic violence and other issues of interest or concern to families were, ultimately, enacted. Read More

New Law Provides Temporary Automatic Orders Protecting Unpublished Name Change Applicants

For 15 years, Civil Rights Law §64-a has provided victims of domestic violence, stalking, and other crimes the ability to forego mandatory publication of their intent to change their names and allows for sealing of their name change-related court records where their personal safety would be placed at risk due to release of this information. Read More

2007 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

Summaries of the domestic violence-related laws passed in 2007 in New York Read More

Criminal Mischief Becomes a New Family Offense

New York’s Response to Criminal Mischief in the Domestic Violence Context Read More