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Criminal: Articles

2011 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

Current through September 28, 2011. Described herein are new domestic violence specific laws, as well as the bills which successfully navigated both houses of the state legislature and are awaiting further action. Read More

Strangulation and Domestic Violence

Strangulation is one of the most potentially lethal forms of intimate partner abuse. A frequently cited 2001 study found that 10% of violent deaths in the United States were attributable to strangulation and most victims were women. Read More

2007 Domestic Violence Legislative Update

Summaries of the domestic violence-related laws passed in 2007 in New York Read More

Criminal Mischief Becomes a New Family Offense

New York’s Response to Criminal Mischief in the Domestic Violence Context Read More

Court of Appeals Affirms People v. Wood Decision

Court of Appeals affirmed the People v. Wood decision issued by the Appellate Division 4th Department, holding that double jeopardy prohibited finding the Respondent guilty of contempt 1st for violating a criminal court order of protection when he had previously been found to have willfully violated a Family Court order of protection based on the same underlying acts. Read More

Important Domestic Violence Criminal Laws in New York State

A summary of key DV related criminal laws in New York Read More