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Searching for the SEQY?

June 14, 2010

Author: Catherine M. Callery (Kate)| Louise M. Tarantino

Advocates have frequently expressed their frustration when confronting questions about a claimant’s past relevant work without the benefit of an official earnings record.  Exhibit files often do not include these documents, or they are entered into the record late in the process. 

Search no more…we hope.  At a recent NOSSCR conference, SSA Deputy Commissioner for Disability Adjudication and Review Glenn Sklar announced that all exhibit files would henceforth include earnings records.  And on April 21, 2010, Chief Administrative Law Judge Frank Cristaudo issued Chief Judge Bulletin CJB 10-02 mandating that that the preliminary steps for assembling Certified Electronic Folders (CEFs) must include obtaining:

  • Informational/Certified Earnings Record System (ICERS)
  • Detailed Earnings Query (DQY)
  • Summary Earnings Query (SEQY)
  • New Hire, Wage and Unemployment Query (NDNH). 

CJB 10-03 is available at - a useful site, by the way, for important SSA policy and regulatory changes. 

While the CJB deals with earnings records at the hearing level, obtaining them before that point from the district office may still be difficult.  One claimant recently reported that a district office tried to charge for a copy of an earnings record The District Office provided a form (SSA 7050), which allows the client to request the information for a fee of $15 to $80 based on the number of years requested. See the September 2007 edition of the Disability Law News at for the travails of trying to obtain such records under POMS GN 03305.002.


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