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Is the Appeals Council Sending Bar Codes?

March 28, 2016

According to the Appeals Council “Best Practices Guide” for representatives, the best method to submit a Request for Review suggests requesting a twenty-five day extension in order to obtain the bar codes necessary to submit new evidence. The guidelines emphasize that bar codes obtained at the hearing level cannot be used at the Appeals Council.

Rumor has it the Appeals Council has begun a new practice of manually issuing acknowledgement notices when Requests for Review (Forms HA-520) are filed.  Bar codes are automatically included with the acknowledgment notice.  If you do not receive a notice and bar codes within 45 days of filing an appeal, you should contact Teresa Jensen (fax 1-703-605-8691), or contact the Congressional & Public Affairs number at 1-877-670-2722.

Keep us informed as to whether you are—or are not—getting these acknowledgement notices.


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