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DAP Advocate Takes Major Steps

January 31, 2017

Long-time DAP stalwart David Ralph of the Elmira office of LawNY took some major steps last year.  Last Spring, David married Linda and simultaneously announced his retirement.  The WNYDAP Task Force celebrated both events at its August meeting, pictured below.  Not surprisingly to those who know him, David has not quite retired.  He is still toiling away, finishing up his cases and continuing to provide his clients with the thorough and dedicated representation that has characterized his practice.  We are sorry to see David leave, as we have relied on him as our collective conscious.  He has never failed to remind us not to be complacent when our client’s most basic due process rights are in jeopardy.  We will miss him, but wish him and Linda all the best as they explore other roads in “retirement.”


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