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Fleeing Felons: Articles

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Courts Give, Congress Takes Away, Benefits to Non-Fleeing Felons

Benefits - or lack thereof - for felons and prisoners are in the news this month. The good news: the Social Security Administration (SSA) is poised to pay out more than $500 million in benefits that were wrongfully withheld from so-called “fugitive felons.” The bad news: Congress has passed legislation barring the receipt of these or any other retroactive benefits by prisoners. Read More

Alleged Probation Violations Lead to Automatic Termination of Benefits

In 1996, Congress added a provision in its sweeping welfare reform legislation to prevent fleeing felons and parole violators from accessing most federally funded assistance programs. Read More

Fleeing Felons: How Does SSA Find Out?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) works closely with law enforcement agencies to “identify individuals who are: (1) Fugitive felons, parole violators, or probation violators, as defined by the Social Security Act, from the Source Jurisdiction; and (2) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients, Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI) beneficiaries, Special Veterans Benefit (SVB) beneficiaries, or representative payees for SSI recipients, RSDI beneficiaries, or SVB beneficiaries.” Read More

Settlement Reached in Fleeing Felon Case

Fleeing felon issues continue to burden claimants and confound advocates. The SSI “fugitive felon” provisions in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA), 42 U.S.C. §1382(e)(4)(A) & (B), were extended to the Title II program in 2004. Read More

Advocate Overcome Probation Warrants

As the lead article of this newsletter outlines, clients with outstanding probation or parole warrants still face suspension and denial of benefits under SSA’s “fleeing felon” provisions. Read More

"Fleeing” Penalties Challenged Nationally

A nationwide class action suit has been filed challenging the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) interpretation of the federal law that restricts payment of SSA benefits to persons who are “fleeing to avoid prosecution or custody or confinement after conviction” for a felony. Martinez v. Astrue, Case No. 08-Civ-4735CW (N.D. Cal. filed Oct. 15, 2008) Read More

Fleeing Felons Profitable for SSA

Don’t expect to see the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s “fleeing felon” provisions rescinded anytime soon. Read More

Fleeing Felons Still Fleeing?

Although advocates may not be encountering many “fleeing felon” cases of late, a claimant may still show up who has been discontinued or more likely denied benefits based on an outstanding felony warrant. Read More

Injunction Denied in Fleeing Felon Case

A district court in New York has denied a request for a preliminary injunction in litigation challenging SSA’s practice of suspending benefits of any recipient who has an outstanding warrant alleging a violation of probation or parole without a finding that the person is actually violating probation or parole. Read More

Injunction Denied in Fleeing Felon Case

In the January 2007 edition of the Disability Law News, available at, we reported on a class action case that had been filed in the Southern District of New York. Read More