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Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and Odar Stats

To learn what percentage of claims a particular ALJ has recently denied or approved, go to Gene Doyle has created an Adobe (pdf) files that contain the prior years; data, retains the original column formatting and are text-searchable. The document is available on the Online Resource Center as DAP #533.

How long will take for a hearing to be scheduled in a particular ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review? SSA reports of the average processing time for each ODAR area available at


Appeals Council Conducts Own Mothion Reviews
The Division of Quality of the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) issued its Fiscal Year 2011 Final Actions Report recently, summarizing the outcomes of the 3,692 favorable ALJ decisions it referred to the Appeals Council. Read More

Are ALJs On the Road Again?
We repeatedly heard that Social Security’s budget woes were at least in part to blame for the demise of the “temporary remote” hearing offices. Among other reasons touted for closing these sites, SSA did not have the financial resources to reimburse Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) for traveling to and from these sites. Read More

TRAC Analyses of SSA Data Generate Controversy
According to an analysis conducted by TRAC (Transitional Access Records Clearinghouse), despite the SSA’s long standing goal of reducing the number of pending disability cases, very recent SSA data show that these matters continue to head in the opposite direction and climbed to 746,712 at the end of June. Read More

SSA Updates ALJ Disposition Date
It looks like the Social Security Administration (SSA) has already put 2010 behind. Advocates who were having trouble looking the ALJ disposition data, which had been SSA’s website, were surprised to discover it had disappeared. Read More

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and ODAR Status: Articles


Disability Law News - October 2017 Issue
The Disability Law News is a quarterly newsletter published for DAP Advocates. In this issue, we discuss the newly amended NYS Public Health Law Sections 17 & 18, and Mental Hygiene Law Section 33.16 that ensures free access to medical records for government benefits applications. Be sure to check out the newest regulations, administrative decisions and court decisions as well. Read More

Disability Law News - December 2015
The Disability Law News is a quarterly newsletter published for DAP advocates. This issue will offer several tips on the cross-examination of Vocational Experts; one of the most challenging aspects of disability work. Also in this issue you will find several new court decisions, regulations, administrative decisions as well as other useful information for advocates. Read More