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Miscellaneous SSI/SSDI Issues

This section of the webpage includes discussions and references to miscellaneous issues that do not fit neatly into other sections! Many of the articles and links concern issues related to SSA itself, including statistics on Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) and hearing office performance.




To learn what percentage of claims a particular ALJ has recently denied or approved, go to Gene Doyle has created an Adobe (pdf) files that contain the prior years’ data, retains the original column formatting and are text-searchable.  The document is available on the Online Resource Center as DAP #533. 

How long will take for a hearing to be scheduled in a particular ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review?  SSA reports of the average processing time for each ODAR area available at

More Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and ODAR Stats >>




A claimant’s past relevant work is taken consideration at Step Four of SSA’s Sequential Evaluation, while at Step Five, it is SSA’s burden to prove that there are other jobs that the claimant could perform.  This section deals with these types of vocational issues.

SSA often attempts to meet it burden at Step Five either by relying on its Medical-Vocational Guidelines  (, or by relying on testimony from a vocational expert (VE).  Read more..[training]

SSA and vocational experts (VEs) continues to use the Dictionary of Occupational Titles when deciding vocational issues, which has not been updated in many.  SSA, however, is currently considering creating its own occupational guide.


Vocational Issues


Dealing with “difficult” ALJs can make a challenging case more challenging.  For information on complaining about ALJ behavior.





The General Accountability Office (GAO) or other governmental or not for profit organizations periodically issue reports on topics dealing with SSA’s disability programs.





For a compendium of websites that might be of interests to DAP advocates.

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