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Appeals Process

SSDI and SSI claims proceed through SSA’s administrative appeal process before reaching U.S. District Court. For a summary of the appeals process, see

Sometimes there are exceptions to the strict 60 day appeal deadlines, including “reopening” of prior claims.


Is the Appeals Council Sending Bar Codes?
According to the Appeals Council “Best Practices Guide” for representatives, the best method to submit a Request for Review suggests requesting a twenty-five day extension in order to obtain the bar codes necessary to submit new evidence. Read More

Read That Appeals Council Remand Order Carefully
When cases are remanded from the federal district court and a new hearing is held before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), the ALJ's decision: Read More

SSA Updates Practice Guide
The Social Security Administration (SSA) publishes a “Best Practices Handbook” for representatives on its website. Of particular interest are what appear to be recent clarifications to the guidelines for actions before the Appeals Council. Read More

Appeals Council Issues Practice Guide
The Appeals Council has issued a handy practice guide, imminently suitable for bulletin boards. Read More

Appeals Process: Articles


Disability Law News - March 2016
The Disability Law News is a quarterly newsletter published for DAP Advocates. This issue will look at recent changes for handling Social Security cases implemented by the Federal Courts, review two new fraud SSR's and analyze several new court decisions, regulations and administrative decisions. Read More

Disability Law News - June 2015 Issue
The Disability Law News is a quarterly newsletter published for DAP advocates. This issue will look at SSA's Emergency Message following a lawsuit to stop the agency from collecting overpayments from same-sex couples. Also in this issue you will find several new court decisions, administrative decisions, new rules and regulations as well as other useful information for advocates. Read More


Winning on Appeal
Using an HIV case as a model, this session will outline appeal procedures and practices at the Appeals Council and in U.S. District Courts. Presenters will focus on the practices and procedures specific to each of the four District Courts in New York. Read More