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Other Consumer Issues: Policy Advocacy

Empire Justice Comments on Consumer Complaint Narratives and Data Normalization
Empire Justice Center comments on the addition of consumer complaint narratives to the CFPB public database and how it is operating in practice. Read More

Empire Justice Memo: Protect Consumers from Fraudulent Auto Financing
A.7930-a/S.5506-a would amend section 302 of the personal property law, and will have a considerable positive effect on New York State consumers who are defrauded by auto dealers when obtaining automobile financing. Read More

Memorandum of Support: Amend Social Services Law § 106 to Protect the Homes of Welfare Recipients
New York is one of only two states in the nation that takes deeds and mortgages against the homes of welfare recipients to recover the public assistance paid to these homeowners. This bill would exempt persons who own and reside in one, two or three family homes from this archaic provision. If the goal of New York’s public assistance policy is to restore individuals to self-sufficiency, then it is time to pass this bill! Read More

Concerns Over CFPB's Changes to Remittance Protections
National Consumer Law Center and Empire Justice Center, along with other consumer advocacy organizations and law professors, sent joint comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, expressing concerns over reduced protections for consumers sending remittances. Read More

UPDATED: Don’t Legalize Debt Settlement Scams in New York State
This memo of opposition has been updated to reflect amendments to the bill. The bill now focuses on for profit budget planning. Read More

Empire Justice Center Comments on CFPB's Proposal to Survey Consumers
Rather than create a general survey, Empire Justice recommends that the Bureau identify one or two key issues of focus by utilizing research and data already available on consumer attitudes, understanding and behaviors about consumer finance issues. Read More

Memorandum in Opposition: New Yorkers Do Not Need Check Cashers as Lenders in New York
Empire Justice Center strongly opposes A.7047/S.3841, referred to as the “short-term financial services loan act.” We believe the bill would create an unlevel playing field by allowing check cashers to make loans that are currently prohibited from being made by mainstream, regulated banks and credit unions. Read More

U.S. Senate Needs to Confirm Cordray to Lead Consumer Bureau
Empire Justice Center is among 220 organizations urging Senate to confirm Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Read More