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Credit Reports & Credit Repairs: Articles

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2014: Access to credit remains tight for people and communities of color

While we are 5 years into the recovery, a Center for Responsible Lending analysis of the just-released 2014 data shows that we are still not making enough progress. Read More

Top Ten Ways The CFPB Can Help You With Financial Questions

The U.S. PIRG Education Fund has put together this great resource of how the CFPB can help you. It includes information on how to make complaints to the CFPB. Read More

Full Utility Credit Reporting: Risks to Low-Income Consumers

This issue brief by the National Consumer Law Center shows how monthly reporting of utility payments to the "Big Three" credit reporting agencies may actually hurt low-income consumers. Read More

The Credit History Underclass

Millions of Americans with damaged credit records are at risk of being unfairly denied job opportunities by companies that use credit histories to screen applicants. Read More

The impact of differences between consumer- and creditor-purchased credit scores

This report examines the ways credit scores are obtained and used, and discusses how the differences between the scores provided to creditors and those provided to consumers could disadvantage consumers. Read More

Highlights from the 2011 Legislative Session

After all the emails, strategy sessions, meetings, Facebook updates and trips to Albany, the 2011 Legislative session closed with a huge amount of excitement about New York’s new civil rights law that will bring marriage equality to same sex couples. Read More

Discrediting America: The Urgent Need To Reform The Nation's Credit Reporting Industry

This report reveals the extent of credit information “mission creep,” examines troubling shortcomings in the for-profit credit reporting industry, and recommends common sense steps to reform the credit reporting system. Read More

New Yorkers for Responsible Lending Raise Consumer Issues in Albany

On Monday, March 14, 2011, thirty members of New Yorkers for Responsible Lending (NYRL), including Empire Justice Center staff, spent the day in Albany meeting with elected officials and their staffers to discuss consumer issues. Members came in from across the state, from as far away as Buffalo and Long Island, with many folks traveling up the Hudson River from New York City. With 23 meetings held throughout the day, it was an exciting and productive day for the coalition! Read More

Rochester's Poor Have Twice as Many Errors on Credit Reports as National Average

The fact that low-income consumers have a higher rate of serious errors on their credit reports than the general population is not likely to surprise advocates for low-income communities; however, it is also deeply disturbing. Read More

Financial Protections Consumers Need Now

The March 2011 issue of Consumer Reports magazine describes some of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can do for you. Read More