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Credit Reports & Credit Repairs: Policy Advocacy

Empire Justice Memo: Protect Consumers from Fraudulent Auto Financing
A.7930-a/S.5506-a would amend section 302 of the personal property law, and will have a considerable positive effect on New York State consumers who are defrauded by auto dealers when obtaining automobile financing. Read More

Empire Justice Memo of support: The Misuse of Credit History Information Must be Restricted
Employers are increasingly checking prospective, as well as current employees’ credit histories. The practice blocks qualified applicants from desperately needed jobs and advancement. It also impacts people whose credit reports contain erroneous information, sadly, not an uncommon occurrence. Read More

Empire Justice Center & Other NYRL Members Want Consumer Bureau to Broadly Define Who They Regulate in Certain Markets
Thirty-two members of NYRL urge the CFPB to define larger participants as broadly and as flexibly as possible, to ensure that the Bureau has maximum ability to directly supervise a wide array of institutions. Read More

Highlights from the 2011 Legislative Session
After all the emails, strategy sessions, meetings, Facebook updates and trips to Albany, the 2011 Legislative session closed with a huge amount of excitement about New York’s new civil rights law. Read More

NYRL Announces Campaign to End Unfair and Discriminatory Employer Credit Checks
A growing number of employers are checking the credit histories of job applicants and employees, and using the information to deny people jobs and other opportunities. This practice blocks qualified applicants. Read More

NEDAP and Empire Justice Testimony on NYHELPs Program
We fear that low income New Yorkers who receive loans through NYHELPs and later become disabled or have difficulty finding employment will be harmed by this program. Read More