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Credit Cards: Articles

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Top Ten Ways The CFPB Can Help You With Financial Questions

The U.S. PIRG Education Fund has put together this great resource of how the CFPB can help you. It includes information on how to make complaints to the CFPB. Read More

Card Complaints Zing Companies

Capital One got hit by the most complaints from its customers of seven major U.S. card companies in 2012, according to an analysis of newly public complaint figures. Read More

American Express Says It Will Refund $85 Million

American Express will reimburse $85 million to about 250,000 customers to resolve accusations that the company violated federal law in its marketing, billing and debt collection practices, the company and the government said Monday. Read More

Chase to Eliminate Overdraft Fees for Transactions of $5 or Less

The term “$35 cup of coffee” will no longer apply to Chase’s customers — unless that cup of joe costs more than $5. Read More

On Campus, New Deals With Banks

A new U.S. PIRG Education Fund report explains the growing influence of banks and financial firms on college campuses as debit and prepaid cards are “grafted” onto student IDs and used for student loan disbursements. Read More

Secured Credit Card Survey reveals deals and ‘steals’

Consumer Action releases its Secured Credit Card Survey of credit cards designed for those with damaged credit or no credit record, and that can offer a “road map” to regain the safety net that wisely used credit can provide. Read More

Bully for BofA: New Debit Card Fees!

Bank of America's starting charging monthly fees for debit card usage to some customers... So what does Bank of America's move tell us? Read More

Financial Protections Consumers Need Now

The March 2011 issue of Consumer Reports magazine describes some of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can do for you. Read More

To comply or to defy

In its first major effort to roll back part of last year’s Dodd-Frank financial-reform law, the banking industry is going after that statute’s attempt to sharply reduce the so-called interchange or “swipe” fees that banks collect with every debit-card purchase. Read More

Comparing cards still a struggle but CARD Act helps

As we approach the Credit CARD Act’s first anniversary, Consumer Action’s latest Credit Card Survey finds that the law has added clarity and cardholder protections to the marketplace as card issuers begin to reveal the true cost of credit upfront, even while blaming rate hikes on regulation. However, work still needs to be done... Read More