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Bank Accounts: Policy Advocacy

Joint Comments on Sterling Bancorp's Acquisition of Astoria Financial
We joined with other advocacy organizations representing Long Island to submit comments on Sterling Bancorp’s Proposed Acquisition of Astoria Financial Corporation. Read More

GRCRC Comments on JPMC 2011-2013 CRA Performance in Rochester
GRCRC about the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency'd examination of JPMorgan Chase. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on Key Bank - First Niagara Merger
Empire Justice comments on the proposed acquisition of First Niagara Financial Group, Inc. by KeyCorp. Read More

Comments on the Dept. of Treasury’s Activities to Expand Access to Mainstream Financial Institutions
Treasury’s endeavors are critical in the current environment. The current economic crisis has strained the financial stability of many families and pushed them out of the middle class. Read More

Empire Justice Testimony on Banking Development Districts
Left to their own devices, banks favor expansion into areas that have a strong potential for the accumulation of large deposits, usually wealthy neighborhoods and commercial zones. Absent government direction and incentives, lower-income neighborhoods are Read More

Empire Justice Comments on the Federal Reserve's Proposed Amendments to Regulation E
Financial institutions should provide consumers who do not affirmatively consent to the institution’s overdraft service for ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions an account with the same terms, conditions and features, including interest rates paid and fees assessed, as it provides consumers who affirmatively consent to overdraft services. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony Before Joint Committees on Consumer Affairs and Aging
Addressing Consumer Scams Affecting Senior Citizens. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on Republic Bancorp's Application for a Charter Conversion
Empire Justice Center requests that the Office of Thrift Supervision hold a formal, public meeting on Republic Bancorp’s (“Republic”) application for a charter conversion from a bank holding company to a savings and loan holding company. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on Proposed Amendments to Regulation AA
Comment in support of the Federal Reserve Board of Governor’s proposed amendments to Regulation AA, which curbs unfair and deceptive credit card and overdraft practices. While Empire Justice supports many aspects of this rule, we feel there needs to be additional and stronger protections against these unfair and deceptive acts. Read More