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Homeowners' Insurance

Fair access to quality, affordable homeowners' insurance is a critical fair housing and community reinvestment issue. Without affordable insurance that adequately covers a homeowner in the event of a loss, a homeowner is at much greater risk of going into default on her mortgage and losing her home when there is a loss or a life changing event. The redlining of neighborhoods by property insurers puts whole neighborhoods at greater risk of foreclosures and vacancies. This section of the website has links to Empire Justice Center reports on homeowners' or residential property insurance as well as a resource page with information and links for those seeking information on homeowners' insurance or wanting to file a complaint against a property insurer.


Cuomo Administration Settles with Country's Largest Force-Placed Insurer
Settlement with Assurant Includes Restitution for Homeowners, a $14 Million Penalty, and Industry-leading Reforms Read More

Hazard Insurance With Its Own Perils (The New York Times)
Investigators are training their sights on a type of hazard insurance policy known as force-placed insurance, a type of policy that has driven up costs for homeowners and pushed some into foreclosure. Read More

Force-Placed Insurance Strips Equity from NYS Homeowners
Force-placed insurance harms New York homeowners and puts them at increased risk of foreclosure. Read More

Homeowners' Insurance: Articles


Insurers Facing Greater Scrutiny
New York's top financial regulator is expanding an investigation of insurers that force homeowners policies on borrowers after turning up evidence that consumers were charged too much, according to people familiar with the situation. Read More

Big Banks Face Inquiry Over Home Insurance
A New York State financial services agency is investigating several large banks to see whether they fraudulently steered homeowners into overpriced insurance policies. Read More

Homeowners' Insurance: In the News


NYRL Members Urge Federal Office to Implement Insurance Data Disclosure Regulation
NYRL members urge the new Federal Insurance Office to use its authority under Dodd-Frank to implement a national homeowners insurance data disclosure regulation to hold insurers accountable and help ensure that all communities have access to fair and affordable insurance products. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony on the New York State Department of Financial Services
Testimony at the Hearing on the Merger of the New York State Banking Department and the New York State Insurance Department into the New York State Department of Financial Services Read More

Homeowners' Insurance: Policy Advocacy


How Fair Is New York’s FAIR Plan?
An Examination of NYPIUA’s Residential FAIR Plan Policies. Read More


Homeowners Insurance Gap
How race and neighborhood composition explain cost and access disparities in Rochester and Monroe County, New York. Read More



Legal Services Journal - Fall 2010 Issue
The Fall 2010 issue of the Legal Services Journal continues an over thirty year practice of reporting on a wide range of poverty law topics. Additionally, this issue has a special focus on Domestic Violence and Immigration Law. Thanks to all our authors and special recognition to members of Empire Justice Center Practice Groups who specialize in Domestic Violence and Immigration for their articles. Read More


Insurance Information for Consumers and Homeowners
Links to information on insurance for consumers and homeowners. Read More