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Community Reinvestment: Policy Advocacy

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Joint Comments on Sterling Bancorp's Acquisition of Astoria Financial
We joined with other advocacy organizations representing Long Island to submit comments on Sterling Bancorp’s Proposed Acquisition of Astoria Financial Corporation. Read More

Empire Justice Center Comments on People's United Financial Bank Merger
We urge the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to only approve this merger after People’s United creates a robust community benefits plan in conjunction with community advocates in the bank’s footprint that addresses the forward-looking goals and priorities of their expanding institution. Read More

GRCRC Comments on JPMC 2011-2013 CRA Performance in Rochester
GRCRC about the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency'd examination of JPMorgan Chase. Read More

Advocates praised CFPB for user-friendly Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data page...
...And made suggestions for improvements. Empire Justice and other consumer advocates from across the country also urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to quickly update the rules pertaining to HMDA. Read More

Empire Justice Comments to Regulators: Make Needed Comprehensive Changes to CRA Rules
Empire Justice's response to proposed changes to the Interagency Question and Answer (Q&A) document. Read More

Empire Justice Center and Other NY Groups Say Wells Fargo Should "Fail" Its CRA Exam
In their comment letter to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Empire Justice Center and other New York organizations cite Wells Fargo's foreclosure practices and discriminatory mortgage lending patterns and urge the OCC to give Wells Fargo a "Substantial Noncompliance" on its Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Exam. Read More

GRCRC and other NCRC members urge federal regulators to strengthen CRA exams
The Greater Rochester Community Reinvestment Coalition, convened by Empire Justice Center, and dozens of other members of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, signed onto a letter asking the four federal agencies that examine banks to assure they are meeting their Community Reinvestment Act obligations to improve and strengthen these exams. Read More

New York Organizations Oppose Capital One's Acquisition of HSBC's Credit Card Business
Six New York legal services and consumer advocacy organizations, including Empire Justice Center, tell the OCC to deny Capital One's application to acquire HSBC's credit card and private label credit business. Read More

GRCRC Comments on First Niagara's Application to Purchase HSBC's Upstate New York Branches
HSBC is moving out of retail banking in upstate New York and First Niagara is seeking approval from federal regulators to purchase most of its branches. GRCRC met with First Niagara and submitted comments urging First Niagara to be a good steward in the Rochester community. Read More

GRCRC Comments on Canandaigua National Bank's CRA Performance
The Greater Rochester Community Reinvestment Coalition sent these comments to federal regulators about Canandaigua National Bank's community reinvestment performance in the Rochester, NY area. Read More

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