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Case Law


Batavia City School District Class Action Complaint
On April 5, 2013 Empire Justice Center filed a class action suit against Batavia City School District on behalf of three female softball players and their families, alleging wide disparities in treatment between girls’ softball and boys’ baseball. Read More

Dickerson v. Thompson
The Fight to Dissolve Civil Unions in New York
Beginning in 2000, Vermont became the first state in the country to offer civil unions. Like many other states, Vermont imposed no residency requirement on celebrants. As a result, many non-Vermonters traveled there to gain access to what was, at the time, the most significant, state-sanctioned legal relationship status granting comprehensive rights and benefits to gay and lesbian couples. Read More

Statutory Attorney's Fees An Important Way to Expand and Fund Access to Justice
Over 50 laws allow successful litigants to collect attorney’s fees and other litigation costs from a losing party. These laws were generally passed to permit poor and less powerful individuals and groups to have greater access to the courts in certain types of cases. Read More

Case Law: Articles


Dickerson Decision: Press Coverage from Across New York
Press coverage of the ground breaking decision. Read More


LGBT Rights in Education: Recent Victories, But Our Fight Continues
True civil rights advancement means attaining long overdue, explicit federal and state legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in the central areas of our lives - such as education, employment and housing. Read More