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Income Executions & Indigent Respondents

This section will tell you about how the child support system handles situations when a non-custodial parent cannot pay his child support order. It will also focus on special programs to address those who are struggling with huge child support arrears – are they Deadbeat or Dead Broke?


Assisting Non-Custodial Parents to Modify Child Support and Arrears Payments
Although not a comprehensive list, here are some straightforward ways for legal services and other community agencies to assist parents to proceed pro se. Read More

Senate bill would amend law pertaining to work requirements for child support obligors
At the request of the Office of Court Administration, Senator Diane Savino has introduced a bill that would amend FCA 437-a and SSL 111-h which were enacted last year to allow Family Courts to refer respondents who were unemployed to work programs. Read More

OTDA Offers Relief to Dead-Broke Dads
Why Did So Few Respond?
Across the country, the amount of unpaid child support has reached staggering numbers. In 2008, child support arrears reported by state child support enforcement offices totaled $105 billion. Read More

Income Executions & Indigent Respondents: Articles


Empire Justice Comments on Modernization of Child Support Enforcement Programs
The proposed regulations, which focus on actual earnings and income, are an important step toward realistic and affordable payments. Read More

Empire Justice Urges Governor to Sign Bill to Improve Access to Child Care Assistance
This bill encourages applicants for and recipients of child care subsidies to obtain orders of child support, but makes clear that such applicants and recipients may not be required to obtain such orders as a condition of receiving a subsidy. Read More


The 17% Solution: Child Support Issues Faced By Low Income Parents
This session will focus on the myriad issues faced by low income custodial and non-custodial parents in the world of child support enforcement. Read More