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Child Support Distribution

When a family with children is on public assistance, it must assign its right to collect child support to the local social services district. When support is collected, so long as the family remains on public assistance, the local social services district is allowed to keep the support collected to reimburse itself for public assistance paid to the family. If the support is paid on time, some of it is passed through to the families and does not count against their public assistance grant. When families leave public assistance, and there is support that was not paid, some of the child support arrears go to the family, some to the social services districts. The rules are complicated and ever changing, and this page will help keep you up to date on these distribution rules and what a person can do if they think child support was paid, but not correctly distributed.


Public Assistance Budgeting and the New Child Support Distribution Rules
On October l, 2009, the rules regarding the distribution of child support arrears to families on public assistance changed. Families who apply for public assistance on or after that date will have child support arrears disbursed directly to them even though they receive assistance. The arrears of recipients of public assistance who assigned their child support rights to the local social services district before October 1, 2009, will continue to be collected and retained by the local social services district. Read More

What’s New in Child Support
As a result of a number of developments at the federal level, there will be some significant changes forthcoming in the laws governing child support in New York State, particularly as applied to low income individuals who are or were receiving public assistance. For the most part, this is because 2008 is the year many of the child support provisions in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 become effective. Read More

Child Support Desk Reviews
Assuring That Public Assistance Recipients Get the Extra Cash to Which They Are Entitled Read More

Child Support Distribution: Articles


Advocates Applaud Governor Spitzer
Advocates Applaud Governor Spitzer Proposing Needed Improvements in Health Coverage, Housing and Increasing Child Support to Low Income Children in a Difficult Budget Year. Read More


Empire Justice Center Testimony on the Governor's Proposed Deficit Reduction Plan
In the Governor’s proposed Deficit Reduction Plan, several funding streams, are slated for substantial cuts that will not only undermine your commitment and the Assembly’s commitment to legal assistance, but will also result in INCREASED costs to the state. Read More


Legal Services Journal - Winter 2009-2010 Issue
In this issue of the Legal Services Journal, you will find Empire Justice Center's Legislative Agenda for 2009-2011 and articles on Domestic Violence, Immigration, Child Care, Public Benefits, Child Support and Consumer and Community Development. Read More


The 17% Solution: Child Support Issues Faced By Low Income Parents
This session will focus on the myriad issues faced by low income custodial and non-custodial parents in the world of child support enforcement. Read More