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Birthing Expenses, Confinement Cost, Medical Support: Articles

Empire Justice Center 2009-11 Legislative Agenda Scorecard

Empire Justice Center's Legislative Agenda Scorecard for 2009 - 2011 Read More

New Law Provides Uniform Standards for Assessing Medical Child Support and Protections for Low-Income Parents

On July 15, Governor Paterson signed a bill, sponsored by Judiciary Chairs, Assemblymember Helene Weinstein and Senator John Sampson, into law that will make significant changes to sections 413 of the Family Court Act and 240 of the Domestic Relations Law. Read More

Child Health Plus 2009 Contributions

2009 Child Health Plus contributions for Medical Support Orders. Read More

Dear Commissioner Letter from M. Bean (OTDA) and Kathryn Kuhmerker (NYS DOH)

OTDA/DOH policy on the recovery of confinement costs Read More

Rural Counties Lead the State in the Recovery of Birthing Expenses

An analysis of state data confirms what many advocates have long suspected – the odds are that fathers of children born out of wedlock in upstate rural areas are more likely to be sued by a local social services district to recover birthing expenses, also known as confinement costs, than their counterparts in urban areas, particularly downstate. Read More

2005 State and Local Collections of Confinement Birthing Cost

Confinement Expenses Ledgers and Amount Applied Read More

Department of Health and Human Services Letter

Letter in response to questions on the use of the Federal Tax Offset Program to recover birthing costs. Read More

Encourage Infant Well-being; Support Fragile Families

The Family Court Act §514 permits a mother to recover costs associated with her pregnancy and childbirth from the father of her child. In the case of a child born out of wedlock, such a proceeding can not be brought until paternity has been established. Read More

Letter Regarding the Recovery of Confinement Expenses and Pregency Related Expenses

Letter to provide clarification with regard to two issues that have been raised by local districts and have been reviewed by OTDA’s Division of Child Support Enforcement and the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Medicaid Management. Read More