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Child Support

The Empire Justice Child Support page focuses on child support issues that affect low income parents, both custodial and non-custodial.  Families who are on public assistance must assign their right to child support to the local social services district when they go on cash public assistance, and their child support is for the most part established and enforced by the local child support enforcement unit, often called the IV-D Unit because it is largely funded with federal dollars that flow from Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.  The Child Support Resource Guide lists all significant OTDA child support policy documents from 1991 to the present.  We will update it as new documents become available.  Please let us know if you think we missed anything significant by contacting Susan Antos.  



Empire Justice Center 2016 State Policy Priorities
Focusing on the Foundation: Building Social and Economic Justice for New York
Shelter, heat, food, economic stability. Health and home care, fair wages, freedom from discrimination. Empire Justice Center's 2016 Policy Priorities are meant to highlight several of the most important ways New York State can recommit to providing a strong foundation on which all New York families have the opportunity to build toward the American Dream, right here in our state. Read More

Empire Justice Center 2015 State Policy Priorities
Paving the Road to Justice and Opportunity
All New Yorkers, particularly the most vulnerable, should have an equal opportunity to pursue justice and the road to prosperity. For too many of us, this is not an option. To work toward achieving these goals, New York must make investments and statutory changes in 2015. Read More


Empire Justice Center Statement on Governor Cuomo's Hate and Human Rights Laws Expansion
The horrifying events that transpired in Charlottesville this past weekend showed us all that we have a long road ahead of us to reach a place where hate has no home in our hearts. We all have a responsibility to stand for what it right. Read More

Empire Justice Stands with Immigrants & Their Families
Empire Justice Center is proud to be one of more than 180 organizations across the country to stand up and speak out against the completely un-American attack on immigrants proposed by Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), and championed by President Donald Trump. Read More


Empire Justice Testimony: 2016 NYS Joint Budget Hearing on Public Protection
Empire Justice Center's testimony before the joint legislative committees on the 2016-17 Executive Budget proposal regarding Public Protection. New York State must continue to ensure access to justice, regardless of a person's ability to pay for an attorney. Read More

Empire Justice Comments on Modernization of Child Support Enforcement Programs
The proposed regulations, which focus on actual earnings and income, are an important step toward realistic and affordable payments. Read More



Policy Matters October 2017
Empire Justice Center's latest edition of Policy Matters. Read More



What One Hand Giveth, the Other Hand Taketh Away
How New York's Pregnancy-Related Medicaid Recoupment Policy Hurts Low-Income Families. Read More





The 17% Solution: Child Support Issues Faced By Low Income Parents
This session will focus on the myriad issues faced by low income custodial and non-custodial parents in the world of child support enforcement. Read More