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Federal, State & Local Policy Documents

Many of the state policies regarding the administration of child care subsidies are set forth in written plans that the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)  files with the Federal Government. Additionally, in New York State, the rules regarding eligibility for child care services are in large part established by each local social services district.  These local rules are put into a plan that each social services district files with OCFS.  This page of our website contains links to these plans.  Additionally, you will find information on funding allocations and documents analyzing the disparities in plan administration among the 58 social services districts.  


Child Care in the State Budget 2009-2015
These 4 charts provide a comprehensive analysis of child care in the state budget from 2009 through March 31, 2015. They identify appropriations for specific programs, and identify federal and state funding sources. Read More

Quick Guide to Commenting on the OCFS CCDF plan
OCFS is having hearings on Child Care and Development Fund plan that it intends to submit to the federal government. This plan describes New York State’s child care system. This “Quick Guide” to the plan identifies many of the possible areas for comment. Read More



Empire Justice Center's Comments on New York's TANF State Plan 2012 - 14
Our comments to OTDA urging them to take leadership on a number of issues which will improve the lives of low income New Yorkers. Read More

 Federal State & Local Policy Documents  


Mending the Patchwork
A report examining county by county inequities in child care subsidy administration in New York State. Read More


Child Care in New York State - A Patchwork of Policies
A county by county review of subsidy administration. Read More