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Facilitated Enrollment

For a number of years, New York has funded “Facilitated Enrollment” programs in selected areas of the state which allow families to apply for child care in locations other than the local social services office.  These programs often have eligibility levels that are higher than 200% of poverty.  Here you will find information about these programs.   


Young Children and Working Parents Lose in New York’s 2017-18 Budget
The recently enacted state budget has slashed the investment in child care by $7.5 million, with targeted reductions to subsidies and facilitated enrollment. As a result, at least 900 children in New York State will lose access to child care. Read More

New York Union Child Care Coalition Facilitated Enrollment Project
The goal of the child care facilitated enrollment projects is to increase working families’ access to child care subsidies by increasing income eligibility for working families to 275% of poverty ($51,838 for a family of four) and by changing the way families can apply for subsidies. Read More

Children’s Health Coverage Shifted: Facilitated Enrollers Take A Hit
As part of the state budget package adopted in mid-August, the Legislature eliminated Medicaid coverage for children at least six years of age but less than 19 who live in households with net incomes above 100% of poverty but less than 133% of poverty. Read More


Empire Justice Center Testimony on Barriers to Accessing Quality Child Care
Child care is in crisis. Senior Attorney Susan Antos testifies before joint committees on what can be done to improve access and affordability of child care for low income families. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony at the Executive Budget Hearing on Human Services
Testimony before the Joint Legislative Committees on human services in the 2010-2011 executive budget. Read More

Empire Justice Center Testimony on the 2009-2010 Human Services Executive Budget Proposal
Our testimony today will focus on a series of recommendations for the human services budget and will touch on the need to restore the elimination of civil legal services funding. Read More

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