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Eligibility Rules: Article

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Session Wrap 2017: An Important Win for Child Care, but Much More to be Done

The end of the 2017 Legislative Session was disappointing for those of us hoping to see increased supports for parents and providers in the child care subsidy system. Read More

2015 Policy Wrap Up: Child Care Legislation

In the 2015 legislative session the Assembly passed four bills that were identified in our report Still Mending the Patchwork as critical to the fair and equitable administration of child care subsidies in New York State. Read More

Child Care Copayment Disparities by County

This chart contains county by county information on copayment multipliers for all social services districts, and the annual and weekly fees assessed against a family of three at 200% of poverty in each county. Read More

Chart outlining child care funding in the NYS Budget 2009-2014

This chart provides detailed descriptions of funding in the state budget over the past several years. Read More

Notice of Proposted Settlement of Class Acton Concerning Notice of Intent to Discontinue Child Care Benefits on June 26, 2012.

Were you receiving child care services in Suffolk County through the New York State Child Care Block grant program as of June 26, 2012, and did you receive a Notice of Intent to Discontinue Child Care Benefits on or about June 26, 2012? If so, you should read this notice because it gives you information about the settlement of a lawsuit regarding the Notice of Intent. Read More

Help Low Wage Parents Keep their Jobs!

For many families the cost of child care is almost double what a family of three with two children pays for rent. Read More

Highlights from the 2011 Legislative Session

After all the emails, strategy sessions, meetings, Facebook updates and trips to Albany, the 2011 Legislative session closed with a huge amount of excitement about New York’s new civil rights law that will bring marriage equality to same sex couples. Read More

Child Care Update

This year, the New York State budget allocated $736,036,409 to local social services districts for the provision of child care assistance for the period of April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010. Read More

NYS Increases Food Stamp Threshold for Child Care Households

Last year, as part of federal food stamp reauthorization, Congress removed the cap on the food stamp dependent care deduction - meaning that households can deduct the full amount of their out-of-pocket dependent care costs. Read More

Governor Signs Legislation that Repeals Child Support Cooperation Requirements for Child Care Assistance

Empire Justice and child care advocates from across the state worked hard to support this bill, which has now become law. The new law removes what had been a substantial barrier to child care assistance, causing custodial parents to miss work, or even avoid applying for assistance. Read More