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Eligibility Rules: In the News

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State Senator seeks more spending to help families cover child care costs (The Buffalo News)

Erie County is one of 24 counties in the state that require family copayments of 35 percent of their income for child care. Read More

Empire Justice Press Release: New Report Shows Dramatic Disparities Still Exist in Access to Child Care

Despite substantial evidence showing that investing in child care significantly contributes to child well-being and successful outcomes for working parents, as well as successful efforts this year to increase funding for subsidies in the state budget, a new report released today by Empire Justice Center shows that low income working families in New York have continued to lose child care subsidies. Read More

Media Advisory: New Report Shows Disparities Still Exist in Access to Child Care

Desperate need remains for substantial a increase in state funding and establishment of new program rules to assure adequate and equitable child care subsidies across New York. Read More

Silver Joins with Child Care Workgroup to Advance Legislation to Put Families First (NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver)

Following a series of roundtables last fall across the state by the Assembly Child Care Workgroup, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced the intended passage of an extensive package of legislation to strengthen access to quality, affordable child care. Read More

Speaker Silver and Assembly Child Care Workgroup Advance Recommendations to Strengthen Child Care in New York (NYS Assembly)

After a series of roundtables that brought hard-hitting testimony from a diverse group of advocates and stakeholders, Speaker Sheldon Silver and members of the Assembly Child Care Workgroup today announced recommendations aimed at strengthening and expanding affordable and accessible child care in New York State. Read More

Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein Launches IDC’s 2014 Agenda – “Affordable NY” (NY Senator Jeff Klein)

New York families currently face some of the highest child care costs in the nation. These high-and rising--daycare costs not only devastate family budgets, they also push more and more parents to enroll their children in cheaper, unlicensed daycare centers that are beyond the reach of safety inspectors. Read More

Losing eligibility for child care subsidies gives parents only 10 days notice (YNN)

During an interview with Capital Tonight's Liz Benjamin, the sponsor of the bill, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes says losing child care without adequate notice can be a major problem for lower income people. Read More

Empire Justice Statement on Veto of Child Care Bill

Today, Empire Justice Center learned that Governor Cuomo has vetoed A.3498A, which would have provided parents who lose their child care subsidies with more time to find safe alternate care for their children while they work. Read More

Cuomo vetoes bill improving notification of child care subsidy loss (The Buffalo News)

Legislation to help give more timely notice to lower-income, working parents that child care subsidies they receive are being eliminated or reduced was vetoed Thursday by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. Read More

Keep working parents on the job (Democrat & Chronicle)

With a few quick strokes of his pen, Gov. Andrew Cuomo could provide some 7,100 families in Monroe County — and tens of thousands of more statewide — a little breathing room on the issue of child care. Read More