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Susan C. Antos

Senior Staff Attorney

Empire Justice Center
119 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY  12210 

p: (518) 462-6831 f: (518) 935-2852

Susan Antos is a Senior Staff Attorney at Empire Justice Center in Albany, New York, with special interest in the equal protection and due process rights of low income families and individuals. She began her career with Empire Justice as co-counsel for the plaintiffs in  two class actions establishing the right of public assistance recipients to notice and opportunity to be heard in the IV-D child support context – first, with respect to the child support pass through (Schwartz v. Perales) and then regarding excess support (Broniszewski v. Perales). She also was co-counsel in Velazquez v. State, 7 A.D. 3d 449 (First Dep’t 2004), a statewide class action regarding the rights of indigent respondents in child support proceedings to rebut their ability to pay a monthly minimum order.

Ms. Antos was co-counsel in Doe v Doar, a statewide class action that restored public assistance benefits to 27,000 households containing children and disabled family members. She has also successfully challenged the lack of notice in the recovery of public assistance benefits through the tax offset process in Dantzler v. Wing. Most recently she has been involved in a number of cases which resulted in federal court orders requiring local social services districts to comply with application processing timelines for public assistance, SNAP, and medical assistance applications. She was also co-counsel in Torres v. Blass, a case which successfully challenged inadequate notices sent to recipients of child care subsidies who would have lost their benefits when the County lowered eligibility levels.

Ms. Antos is the author of a number of publications on child support issues of interest to attorneys representing low income individuals, including New Law Provides Uniform Standard for Assessing Medical Child Support and Protections for Low Income Parents, Family Law Review, A Publication of the New York State Bar Association, Spring, 2010; What’s New in Child Support? A review of the provisions in the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 which become effective in 2008 and 2009, Legal Services Journal, February 2008; Child Support Desk Reviews: New State Procedures Frustrate Those Seeking Relief, Legal Services Journal, June, 2007; and S. Antos and M. Smyth, Public Benefits and Child Support Arrears, NYU Review of Law and Social Change, Volume 30 Issue 4, (2006).

Practice Area(s):
Child Support, Public Benefits, Child Care