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Empire Justice Statement on New FHFA Rules.

For Immediate Release

July 14, 2017

Contact: Ellie Pepper,  (518) 462-6831

We applaud Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) for issuing a final rule that requires Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Banks, and the Office of Finance (the regulated entities) to adopt strategic plans to promote the inclusion of minorities-, women-, and disabled individuals, and the businesses they own.  We are also pleased that they opted to include a requirement that the regulated entities amend their policies on equal employment opportunity to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and status as a parent; and enhance the usefulness of information the regulated entities report to FHFA on their efforts to advance diversity and inclusion.  Notably, FHFA amended the proposed rule to include in the final rule a requirement that regulated entities develop policies and procedures that address reasonable accommodations for employees to observe their sincerely held religious beliefs.