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Integrating Information Sharing: The LSJ and the Web

August 13, 2009

Like many publications across the country the Legal Services Journal has tried to respond to the ways that people take in information. For the last several years we have posted the Journal on our website and made it available to download in its entirety or read online. In addition, we post articles in the different substantive areas of our website, enabling advocates to focus on materials that are of immediate importance to their legal practice.  We plan to continue these practices and add one more feature that will ensure that you receive timely information on "hot" topics, court decisions, and legislative developments.  Breaking news and time-sensitive information will not “wait” to be published in the LSJ.  Rather, they will be posted when they need to be on the Web.  Readers will be alerted through their listserv's as well as by a headline and a link on the Empire Justice home page.

In another change, the LSJ has moved to a quarterly publication schedule, with issues arriving electronically in Summer\August, Fall\October, Winter\December, and Spring\April.  Our summer issue features a review of work completed by the state legislature as well as an array of articles on a wide range of poverty law topics.  Major contributors to this issue are from Empire Justice Center’s Civil Rights, Employment and Education Practice Group and Policy Team.

We welcome articles and\or letters from readers.  This issue includes a piece authored by Ellen Krakow, an attorney with Nassau Suffolk Law Services, on the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program and an article by Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness on the Better Choice Budget Campaign successes. 

The LSJ is designed and produced by Michelle Peterson and edited by Kristin Brown Lilley and Jerry Wein.


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