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President's Corner

The President's Corner contains articles written by Anne Erickson, the President and CEO of Empire Justice Center.

The Only Constant is Change :
The only constant is change. This hit me again as I was working through our latest personnel changes at Empire Justice: Read More

Highlights from Empire Justice Summer Survey :
This summer Empire Justice surveyed advocates familiar with its work to provide feedback on the services it provides. A full report on the survey findings will be available on Empire Justice Website. Here are some highlights. Read More

Focus on Leadership :
A small monograph by Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great, seminal works about why and how some companies not only make it through hard times, but actually make the leap to become even better, recently caught my attention. Read More

Embrace Justice :
It is in these times - at this very moment - that we should be expanding our investment in civil legal services and ensuring greater access to justice. Read More

President’s Corner :
It’s exciting, exhausting, challenging and at times frightening as we work to move the state into a new day in the delivery of civil legal services. Read More

Policy Matters :
“Policy matters,” Jim Tallon, President of the Untied Hospital Fund (UHF) declared as he opened a recent UHF conference on health care financing and delivery in New York State. “And,” he said, “policy is back.” Read More

Shadows: The Dark Side of Strength :
So many of us have been so overwhelmed lately. We’ve taken on so much; we’re not sure where to draw lines; we’re desperately trying to deliver so many services to so many constituencies. We need to figure out how to re-group; how to breathe. Read More

Reflections & Renewal :
We are – and here we hope to stay – ten years after the Gingrich Revolution brought the end of Federal funding for support services, the restrictions on local services and the massive devolution of our country’s most basic safety net and with it, the most fundamental changes in our country’s approach to immigrants we have ever seen in our lifetimes. Our services were cut and curtailed just as our client communities needed us most. Read More