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Our Impact

Our 2014-15 work benefitted tens of thousands of New Yorkers, returning to them more than $22.3 million in back awards and settlements, $47,803 in on-going monthly benefits, $18,027 in monthly payments avoided and $136,475 in lump sum awards and settlements avoided.  In addition to our impact work, we closed 2,117 direct service cases during the 2014-15 reporting period, directly benefiting 4,172 people.  The work of our disability advocacy program resulted in $974,992 in retroactive benefits to clients.  Our foreclosure prevention work achieved restructuring and refinancing of clients’ predatory loans, saving them tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their loans.  During the current reporting period, this work generated $962,972 in loan modifications and refinancing -- an average of $45,837 per loan -- stabilizing not just the homeowners we represented, but the neighborhoods they live in and the property tax base of their communities as well.



$50 Million Secured to Assist New York Homeowners :
On March 31, 2008 Empire Justice issued the first statewide analysis of subprime loans in default and foreclosure. “Curbing the Mortgage Meltdown: The Impact of Foreclosures on New York’s Economy and Upstate and Long Island Communities,” Read More

Protecting Funds from Illegal Seizure :
Alarmed by the number of calls coming in dealing with the improper seizure of bank accounts containing funds which are exempt from seizure under federal law, including Social Security, disability benefits, pensions, child support and other essential income, Empire Justice staff began looking at the issue more closely. Read More

Dickerson v. Thompson :
A woman became a victim of domestic violence after entering into a civil union in Vermont. She came to us when she was told that in order to dissolve her civil union she would have to move to Vermont and became a resident of the state for one year. Read More

Advocates Achieve Settlement with Suffolk County Department of Social Services :
Empire Justice Center and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice (NCLEJ) today announced a settlement with Suffolk County Department of Social Services (SCDSS) that will ensure that needy families and individuals, including those who have recently lost their jobs and those whose wages are insufficient to meet their needs, will have their applications for Food Stamps and Medicaid processed within the time frames required by state and federal law. Read More