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Charles- fighting to live

At 60 years old, Charles* is a smart, educated man. He’s not afraid to advocate for himself, and at times, he must—he’s been living for more than 40 years without the ability to use his arms and legs. And though he relies on 24-hour care to do things like brush his teeth, get in and out of bed, and eat, he’s a fighter.

So when his health care provider told him that he was only eligible for 9 hours of care per day, and charged him $200 more per month than he owed, he refused to accept it. He contacted Empire Justice Center, and was diligent about knowing his rights and fighting for them.

He told his Empire Justice attorney that without those health services, “I’ll be dead.”

Horrified at the improper change in his health care his attorney quickly advocated on his behalf, requesting that the case be heard by a judge and asserting his rights under the law. Together they convinced the health care provider to comply with the law and provide Charles with the services he needs without having to go to court.

 *name has been changed


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