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Althea- saving home

For 32 years Althea* and her husband Calvin* made their house into a home—planting flowers by the front door and installing a wheelchair ramp for Althea to get around. But as they aged they faced more and more medical issues, and more and more medical bills. They lived a frugal lifestyle, but with only $1,866/month in Social Security as their total income, they couldn’t keep up with the taxes on their home. And in early 2014, Althea and Calvin opened a letter from the County, stating they faced tax foreclosure if they didn’t pay over $17,000.

Althea contacted our office, and her attorney researched her options. Unable to qualify for a repayment plan, the attorney helped the couple apply for the only relief available to them—a Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) loan. MAP provides 0% interest loans to homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure and unable to get assistance from other foreclosure prevention programs. Empire Justice attorneys helped them gather and submit the necessary documents for their loan application. It was Althea and Calvin’s only hope.

But just as their MAP loan was expected to be approved, Calvin’s health took a turn for the worse, and he passed away. Not only did Althea lose her husband, but she lost half of her family’s income—putting her MAP eligibility and her home at risk. Her attorney moved quickly to ensure Althea had enough of a surplus to make the payments that would enable her to stay in her home. And when MAP said she was no longer eligible, her Empire Justice attorney advocated for her, ready with a revised budget that proved she was. 

And in May, 2015, Althea became Empire Justice Center’s first MAP applicant to be approved. With that loan, she could keep the home she and Calvin made together.


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 *name has been changed